Money envelopes with corner rounder punch

 We R Memory keepers corner rounder punch and my creativity!!!

Hello everyone!

Today's projects are really fun and enjoyed  making it . and it's little brain storming projects...when I received this punch from Itsy bitsy store and they wanted me to make project and promote this punch...but  general concept is that we use this corner rounder punch for rounding the corners after long brainstorming and thinking I came out with an idea ... why not to use it in a creative way here in India money envelopes are very popular so I thought to make that first I tried and you wouldn't believe I enjoyed so much and than all fun begin as I couldn't stop my self...after one again I started thing next and next and next and it's like jigsaw puzzles keep arranging n I started enjoying..but last one was difficult...and here I am with 5 envelopes...

So using corner rounder punch here I have created these envelopes my main highlight is 3 way corner rounder punch not on too much here

Here each piece of paper i measured and arranged and than did corner rounding to make each pattern... required few trials in measurements but it was fun once you get the idea😊 
To highlight the 3 way corner rounder punch by We R Memory keepers,I kept the decoration part very minimal but perfect... Iam so happy with the outcome❤️
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