Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My first Blog Award....!!!!

Iam very happy to receive my first blog Award from Vijaylaxmi Siyal. 
Thank you Vijaylaxmi for this means a lot.

Now I have to choose 7 blogs with less than 50 followers and forward them the Award,.......
So here they are:
# 1.Charu Joshi
# 2.Saumya
# 3.Vidhya Bharat
# 4.Gopi
# 5.Sheetal
# 6.Ruchita
# 7.Prachi


- thank to the person that gave you the award

- put a link of her/his blog in your blog

- put in your blog the logo of the award

- give the award to 7 blogs with less than 50 members

- put links to this blog

- inform these people that they received the award

- write 7 thing (facts) about yourself 

And now 7 things about me:
1.I believe in god.
2.I love my family.
3.I love to create and explore new things...
4.I love cooking and eating it too...
5.I love to give my 100% in whatever I do...
6.I believe in true friendship.
7.I hate gossiping,and double standard people.

Thank you all....
Daksha Popat

Saturday, 9 February 2013

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