Vintage style Decoupage box with mixed media

Hello crafty friends!
For today's post I have decoupage watch box with a touch of mixed media. I did decoupage box after long time and I wanted something different, so here it is.🙂

Step by step instructions

First I gave a coat of white gesso and then gave two coats of white chalk paint all around the box, in between I did sanding with sanding block to get smooth finish.
I made this thai clay flourishes in advance as it needs one day drying time..I have used Little birdie thai clay .
 Now using E6000 I have glued four metal legs to the box base.
 Then using gel medium I fixed the flurishes on left side to the front of  the box.
Next using 2 in 1 gesso paste and stencil gave stencil background on left side top, left side and in front half .

 Then using black gesso I coloured the stencil background including flurishes.
 Here is the complete look  after black gesso.
 Then taking little blue and tinted metallic pearl paints I did dry brushing.
 Then added little Tawny Glint Tinted metallic paint with dry brushing

Here is the complete look.

 Here intially I started the whole project with the middle one tissue design  ..but then I had last minute  change of mind as this is a watch box and can be used for HE or I like the bottom third tissue design..
 After tearing edges I stuck the tissue on to base with little birdie decoupage glue..I always try to smooth wrinkles with plastic sheet..that way less chances of tear.
 Then colored  the areas around the tissue with white and  tinge of  yellow  chalk paint to get ivory color ( it's very little)
 Then did shading and blending tissue image with background with little shades of brown and green.
Did shading of blue in few corners ..did rest two sides and little front portion in same colours.
 Then applied three coats of varnish..after drying each coat.
Here is the complete look..
but I wasn't happy with  more of that blue texture that was going well with my previous selected tissue I did dry brushing of Tawny Glint and gold again to match with this tissue..and believe me adding gold gave so pretty effect ❤️.

 Here is the final look..I coloured  the metal legs in same as of that area..and gave dry brushing of metallic paints.
Thank you for stopping by..hope you have enjoyed my step by step process of this project..for product details plz check the supplies list and click on the link below.
Love and hugs

Here is my YouTube video of this vintage style decoupage watch box.


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  2. Wow!! This is a gorgeous piece!! Txs especially for sharing the steps! I have many wooden boxes as well as cigar boxes and want to try this. Looking forward to more of tour projects as I found you only today via Pinterest.

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