Friday, 1 March 2019

Serenity- Mixed media with cement craft and reverse glass decoupage

Hello crafty friends!
As you all know we at itsy bitsy blog have
Challenge #19….. Any thing goes using Little Birdie Craft Cement. For details please click HERE
There are amazing videos on how to make craft with cement  all over Facebook and Youtube. So,  you have lot of inspiration and  ideas available for making some wonderful and cool stuff with this amazing product. The DT team also has some fantastic ideas to keep you inspired 
 Now for today's inspiration post using Little birdie craft cement  I have made mixed media on bottle let's start with the project..

I have done a mixed media on a glass bottle..using craft cement and reverse glass decoupage technique.... used light fitting inside so it will work as nice lamp or lighted show piece.

Step by step instructions:

Step-1: first I selected a plain glass bottle without any design on that..and after washing with hot water and removing labels...I dried it properly and finally gave alcohol cleaning.
Step:2- then selected a tissue..(here I had a concept of sitting Buddha inside a bottle).. so after selecting the tissue design I did reverse glass decoupage using Little birdie deco magic ..I did decoupage in that way that it covers back sides leaving little area infront..from where we can see Buddha statue inside the bottle....after drying first coat I did second coat of decoupage glue n dried it properly..then gave a coat of white gesso on total area of bottle .. leaving only front you can see in picture.

When gesso fully dried gave a coat of Matt varnish so my decoupage remain intact..and I can do mixed media work on that without damaging my design..

Step:3- I made a paste using craft cement and water in a plastic container and in another plastic bowl I dipped cotton fabric in water....( I had left over fabrics from my Tanjore boards) you can use any is poplin fabric..after squeezing extra water from fabric I dipped in cement I added little white glue also to make fabric more tacky....once my fabric got totally covered with cement..I started sticking on bottle..I have used Little gel medium also for sticking...
I have used two pieces of from right to left and second from left to right covering total back and top part leaving little glass portion infront, from where you can see decoupage Buddha inside.

While sticking cemented fabric I tried to give folds .. tried to give more folds and raised look..don't make it flat.
To speedup the process little ..I used hair that will help in setting the cement little faster for the time being and you can work further..
Step:4- now using little birdie thai clay I made some mould's best to use thai clay as after remains you can stick as you want..(air dry clay become hard and can be used for flat sticking). I find little birdie thai clay very soft n easy to use..and good flexibility.

Thai clay and my cement work I dried day using heavy gel medium I arranged the mould designs according to my requirement...and once it got dried..I used jute code,pearl beads to further decorate it.
 Step:5- once every thing stuck and dried I gave a coat of black it's on cement work..I gave another coat of gesso to cover up any nooks and crannies....

when I was fully satisfied..then I gave dry brushing of blue colour..I wanted antique metallic blue look so then applied metallic pearl color with blue..all dry brushing..
 Finally I gave dry brushing of gold metallic paint with fingers ..on highlighted areas...

 Inside glass bottle I have put few pabbles, bottle cap light and matching tiny flowers.
After waiting for a day or so.. finally I gave a coat of little birdie Matt is my final project picture..
Hope I have inspired you with my project..and hope to see you participate in this current months challenge.
Thank you for stopping by
Love and hugs
Previously I have done one more inspiration project on craft cement..if you wish to check please click HERE

Supplies used:

Friday, 15 February 2019

Reverse Glass decoupage with mixed techniques

Hello friends!
These days I have become obsessed with glass decoupageπŸ˜›πŸ˜ and trying new new techniques in my work..and enjoying it very much.
In this glass decoupage I have used different techniques..
Supplies used:
#Glass plate 11"
# little birdie decoupage glue
#little Birdie two step crackle medium
#tinted metallic gold paint from little birdie
#matte varnish from little birdie
#few acrylic Colours from my stash
#stencils from my stash

Thank you for stopping by hope I have inspired you..and if you have liked my work plz leave a little love in comment box.
Love n hugs

Monday, 11 February 2019

Note-card /paper Holder in LOVE theme - with craft cement

Hello crafty friends!
Today I am sharing cement craft project in love theme 😊❤️. When I was told to work on cement craft for my DT project..I was little worried ! what to do with cement?..n how it will work?..but once I got the craft cement box in my hand n watching itsybitsy craft cement video ...ideas started pouring in my head..and then it was so difficult to stop myselfπŸ˜€.. Iam telling you in advance it's very just can't stop playing with that😁 l almost used 3 cement boxes.
Here in my project I have used silicon moulds, since I have in many designs as I do soap making n all...but you can use any plastic containers, cartoon boxes, glass bottle etc for your base..just you have to keep your eyes for different shapes n bases...
If you want to see  how to use craft cement video..HERE is the link.
Now here is my project..since it's  a valentine's week so I am sharing love theme cement project..
 It's a paper,or note card holder in love I have made a 3"X3" note card to go with this .. using Itsy bitsy forever valentine primed chipis , flowers. Size of my project base is 8"X3" and each letter is 2" tall..and that base is almost 3/4" .

                               Top view

Step by step procedure:

I started with craft cement,water in a container..and my alphabet mould..after mixing craft cement n water in desired consistency, I dropped it in required letter moulds and different shapes ..though in pictures you can see  I did some extra alphabets ( as I told you's very addictive and fun to work with that)😁

Here you can see what other  moulds I have used..I played with shell mould earlier I planned to use it in my project..but then I changed my mind.
One important thing I must tell here I have used paper any thing you want inserted inside the craft cement put it in advance as once it dries you can't..and curing of cement takes almost 3/4 days..inbetween I sprinlked little water..also.
 Finally when all thing dried properly I decided on LOVE and HOME words and cemented paper clip with a base for the final project.
I did light sanding with sand paper on final cement items
 As I wanted to give little color as well wanted to keep cemented look..I decided to color paper clip base and 'O' word in dark pinkish red. so I did gesso on that two only.
 Then using Little birdie chalk Colors I coloured both pieces..and gave polka dots on that ,with little dark color using  end of a brush tip.
Then with heavy gel medium..I have stuck desired place.

Finally I gave a coat of Matt varnish on two coloured things..not on plain cemented I liked that look ..and since I have used Matt's not looking different then other pieces.πŸ™‚ and use little birdie handmade flowers to decorate notecard holder base ( see in final picture)
Here on above picture, you can see I have used other alphabet letters and did 'HOME'. it's a fridze magnets I tried..I have used different chalk paints for each letter..and used strong magnets at the back..but not sharing complete project as while handling I broke'O' need to make that again..on HOME word after Coloring i have used glitter paste..and once it dried I gave a coat of Matt varnish.

 Here I thought of using as fridge magnet..later..or I would have inserted magnets in curing time only...
Here you can see glittery look.. feeling sad I cannot show you the final picture..but will share it definitely πŸ™‚

Final project look

Thank you for stopping by..hope you are still with me , and my post is not boring πŸ˜€πŸ˜›
Supplies used:

Note: #Since I don't have little birdie red chalk paint..I mixed  fevicryl red in little birdie pink chalk paint...and for darker dots I have used Little birdie  Black chalk paint in my red colour mixture ...and that purple also from fevicryl
# I have used silicon moulds in which once cement dries n comes out very easily and we get very smooth finish.  And comes out by just pushing from it's very soft .

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