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When Priya Shivraj of craft shop asked me tutorial for sospeso...I immediately accepted. ..because I would love to be part of this wonderful here is my GDT post....hope you all like it ...


Sospeso trasparente means transparent and raised process. By applying the image of a single layer of paper or tissue towel on the thermoformable sheet, it is possible to obtain 3-dimensional creations, and it gives a very realistic effect.

Things Required:

* Thermoformable plastic sheets : Its a special thermoplastic material whose chemical formula has been specially designed for this technique.This film is made with very high quality polymers and easily malleable at low temperature. available both in trasparent and white.

* Embossing Pad: It's a latex sponge with high density and thickness which is perfect for this technique

* Wood graving tools: It's got 4 round tips of different sizes to shape the film.

* Sospeso glue: It is specially designed for the use with this technique. It's perfect for pasting on the thermoformable plastic sheet either thick, thin paper or fabric or tissue napkins.

* Candle,scissors,sponges,brushes,tweezer,printed films...

* Main object which you want to ..I have altered a whisky glass into decorative LED CANDLE  DISPLAY.

Choose a design from paper veil (use only the printed one). Pick white or the transparent thermoformable film depending upon the effect you want.

Dilute the special glue with a few drops of water in a glass plate then spread a very thin layer of this glue on the thermplastic sheet and paste your printed cutout design facing down.With the help of glue & brush try to remove all air bubbles from the bottom and make it as flat & smooth as possible.

At this stage either you leave  your design to dry naturally or you can speedup your drying process by using hair dryer.

when it dries ,cut out carefully the border of the images ( example here flowers),separating the petals without detaching them.

Usimg the basic sospeso tools ,start modelling the different petals . Keep  flame at a distance of 1-2cm and heat the thermoplastic design (here flowers)for a few seconds and small portion at a time .Give shape to your flowers or object.There is no front or reverse side ,depending on your design,you have to work both sides

To give 3D look to your object (here flowers) I have taken 2 to 3 layers of flowers,which I have embossed individually and then I have glued to the main flowers to give 3 dimensional look .I have used hot glue gun to attach each layer of flowers.

     In the center of each flower you can use glitter balls with the help of glossy accents or hot glue gun.

Now your sospeso object is ready .You can use this 3D flowers on your object in multiple ways.You can use this to decorate your trays, boxes,glass objects,clocks and list is endless...

Here I have used complementery whisky glasses ...with company  logo on it. I have altered that  into DECORATIVE LED CANDLE DISPLAY...

 First I have covered the glass with jute cord tightly  till required height. If required you can use fevicol at this stage .Then I gave a coat of gesso and dried with hair dryer.Then I gave a coat of white acrylic paint and dried with dryer to speed up my drying process. At this stage if you like natuaral colour of cord you can leave as it is...don't need to paint.I removed all white traces of gesso and acrylic colour from glass by scrubbing with wet cloth.

       Finally I have decorated my glass with sospeso transparente flowers using hot glue gun.To highlight more I have used pearl stickers....Once its ready you can put colorful led candle inside your glass..It  looks very pretty and various changing colors of led lights make your glass more attractive...piece of display.
  Hope you will find this tutorial easy to follow and interesting ..This is my first tutorial so please excuse my mistakes...if any....thank you.


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