My first Blog Award....!!!!

Iam very happy to receive my first blog Award from Vijaylaxmi Siyal. 
Thank you Vijaylaxmi for this means a lot.

Now I have to choose 7 blogs with less than 50 followers and forward them the Award,.......
So here they are:
# 1.Charu Joshi
# 2.Saumya
# 3.Vidhya Bharat
# 4.Gopi
# 5.Sheetal
# 6.Ruchita
# 7.Prachi


- thank to the person that gave you the award

- put a link of her/his blog in your blog

- put in your blog the logo of the award

- give the award to 7 blogs with less than 50 members

- put links to this blog

- inform these people that they received the award

- write 7 thing (facts) about yourself 

And now 7 things about me:
1.I believe in god.
2.I love my family.
3.I love to create and explore new things...
4.I love cooking and eating it too...
5.I love to give my 100% in whatever I do...
6.I believe in true friendship.
7.I hate gossiping,and double standard people.

Thank you all....
Daksha Popat


  1. Thank you so very much dakshaji, for choosing my blog and awarding me for the same.. this being my first award, means a lot to me.. Love u.. :)

  2. Thank you soo much Daksha for the blog award...It was very sweet of you to pick my blog...Hugs:)


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